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Merger of Settled In and Put to Order to form In Order Co
In Order Co. owners Lisa Myles (left) and Tanya Grovum (right)

Lisa and Tanya met through the Professional Organizers in Canada association.  After a short conversation, they realized that they had A LOT in common (it's a little scary!).  Needless to say, they got along from the start.  

In 2018, they became the co-chairs for the Grand River Chapter of POC and started supporting each other on larger client projects.  They quickly recognized that having two organizers on a job meant they were much more efficient and able to support their clients better.  Their interaction brought a light and enjoyable energy to each session. 


Essentially, it was a match made in organizer heaven, getting more done in less time and having a little fun along the way!


In 2019, they started to seriously talk about permanently joining forces, and they haven't looked back.


In Order Co. co-owner, Lisa Myles

Lisa Myles


To say I love organizing would be an understatement. I literally think about it everywhere I go, for most of the hours in the day. I have worked as a professional organizer since 2016. I have had the privilege of owning my own business, working with other organizers and being part of a merger. With that quick growth came a variety of projects that allowed me to define my passion and I have truly loved every minute of it since. 

On any given day I wear a number of hats. I'm a business owner, business partner, organizer, chair of an organizing association, wife, mom, hockey trainer, ringette player, and the list goes on. So I know what it is like to live a full life and what that can mean for your home and work space. Our surroundings can largely affect how we feel, work, and live. That's why my organizing style is practical, orderly and polished.

I believe that minimizing clutter and creating simple organizing habits save people time, money, and creates happier lifestyles. I think there is value beyond just the actual space. Whether it is organizing, downsizing or moving support, I find it incredibly fulfilling to help people love the space they are in. 

In Order Co. co-owner Tanya Grovum

Tanya Grovum


As a busy mom and wife, I know what it's like to be short on time and have a 'to do' list a million miles long.  After 12 years of working in human resources, I decided to take a leap of faith and focus on a career as a professional organizer.  Organizing is my passion.  It is a hobby that I have always loved from the time I was a little girl. 


I believe your home should be your oasis, a place that provides comfort and relaxation.  When a space is intentionally organized to serve the way you live, living in your space becomes simple.  Your house doesn't have to look like a page out of a magazine, but when all of your belongings have a home, tidying up is easy and becomes a decision-free routine.

I love to help clients achieve their organizing goals or to create a simplified, stress free move.  


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  • In Order Co. is insured by MyCor Insurance Co.

  • Both owners formerly chaired the local Chapter of Professional Organizers in Canada

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