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  • Lisa Myles

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in the air! And for many of us so begins the tradition of spring cleaning. Here are a few tips on how to best go about deep cleaning your home for a fresh Spring feel.

Clean Room by Room

Since cleaning your home top to bottom can be overwhelming, approach your house room by room. This allows you to stay focused and motivated. Create a checklist with all of the deep-cleaning areas that need extra attention. Focus your efforts and time on the areas of your home that have not been cleaned for a while.

Declutter and Organize- Our Favourite Part!

Take advantage of the nicer weather to declutter your home. Grouping like items together will give perspective on how much you own and help you make decisions on what to keep. Next declutter items you don’t want or need anymore. Create keep, donate, and trash piles. Using labelled bins or bags may help keep things organized. Arrange to drop off or have a donation center come pick up household and clothing items that you want to give away. Finally organize the items you want to keep. Use clear bins and labels to help keep things tidy. Cleaning will become so much easier now that the clutter is gone, and your items are organized.

Get Others Involved

If you need some help cleaning, get your family involved. Divide up tasks on the checklist. Try throwing on some music or establishing a family reward as an incentive to get the work done. If family is not an option look to friends, or possibly hire service to help.

Tackle the Seasonal Chores

Some special chores need to be done seasonally. They will help your home look better and run more smoothly. Outdoor chores like opening a pool, cleaning eavestroughs, and windows can be a little intimidating and time consuming. Consider contacting a business to complete these larger items for you.

Establish New Cleaning Habits

A good, thorough spring cleaning that includes the whole house is a great time to establish new on-going cleaning habits. That could involve hiring a cleaner regularly or creating a weekly checklist to help establish a good routine. Either of these options will help keep your home tidy all year long.

Looking forward to the warmer days ahead!

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