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  • Tanya Grovum

Pre-packing Explained

Thinking about listing on the spring market? Now is the time to start getting your house ready!

Pre-pack is just that, it's the packing you do BEFORE you list your home. We all know that a clutter-free home shows the best. Pre-packing is an opportunity to go through all of your belongings and decide what you will be taking with you to your next home. Yes, you may not want to get rid of everything, but do you need it between now and when you move? If not, it can be part of the pre-pack.

A neat row of moving boxes is much more appealing to potential buyers that having everything out on display.

Trust us, your relator and stager will thank you for it!


01 Go through everything.

02 Decide what you don't want to take with you and donate it/sell it/give it away.

03 Decide what you don't need between now and your move and pack it. Remember to

label the boxes just in case!

Tip: Don't forget to declutter and organize the inside of your cupboards and closets! Storage is something that buyers may be looking for and opening closed doors it a natural part of view a home.


Honestly, the benefits to pre-packing are endless, but here are a few that top our list.

  • Reduced moving costs, you only move the items you still want.

  • It's easier to keep your house tidy for showings.

  • It's easier to pack the remainder of your items when it's time to move.

  • You know which boxes to unpack first.

If you would like to get started with your pre-pack, but you need some extra hands, as always, we're here to help speed up and simplify the process! Get in touch by emailing

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