• Tanya Grovum

Our Commitment to Environmental Consciousness

All cleaned up, but struggling to let go of those items?

You’ve organized the space, decluttered every corner, and now you’re left with a heap of items that need a new home. The easy solution is a dump run, right?!

While we empathize with the convenience of a dump run, we try to be as intentional as possible, in our personal and professional lives, with waste and unwanted items.

As a business, a part of our mission is to serve and support our community by donating what we can, freeing up space in our landfills, and making recycling and upcycling a priority.

Each city has its own set of restrictions and, unfortunately, many items are undonateable. Some items pose risks associated with safety or cleanliness (i.e. cribs, mattresses, car seats). Furniture donations are also often undonateable; donation centers are overwhelmed with high volumes of furniture donations, so most are unable to accept them.

Notwithstanding these obstacles, we know that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Below are some of our favourite places to donate those hard-to-donate items:

Hope House – Local to Guelph, Hope House is an organization supporting those in need in our community. They accept things like unexpired food, clothing, shoes, feminine hygiene products, diapers, toiletries (even partially used), blankets, sleeping bags, and tents.

Humane Society – They will accept clean bedding, blankets, and towels (even if old or ripped). This is a great option for linen-closet clear-outs and items from pet-friendly homes.

ReStore – They accept building supplies, appliances, electronics, and, occasionally, furniture.

Refugee Families – Refugee families are starting fresh and appreciate all donations.


We recently had a client who wanted to donate her dining room table and chairs. With donation centers not accepting furniture, she opted to hold onto the set instead of dumping it. We later connected with someone who knew a refugee family in need. Our client happily donated the dining set, along with a car seat and two mattresses.

As a result, we saved some room in the landfill, freed up space for our client, and an appreciative family received some much-needed items. We love when our community comes together!

Let’s reduce our carbon footprints together! We’d love to help you clear out your space and help others in the process! Contact us today at hello@inorderco.com.