• Tanya Grovum

New Year. New Mission.

As business owners, we focus on setting frequent, attainable (but ambitious) goals, and we spend the year working toward them and building on them. Those goals are typically behind the scenes but our #1 goal, this year, is intended for everyone.


As a society, we need to do better at normalizing wanting and/or needing help and support. While we’ve come a long way in terms of acceptable services, we need to be gentler with how we view those who take the initiative to better their lives and ask for help. Being gentler with others includes being gentler with ourselves.

The professional organizing industry, while on the radar of some, is not entirely mainstream. But, there’s hope!

Here are some services that were once considered luxuries and are now more mainstream:

  • Childcare

  • House Cleaning

  • Interior Design

  • Interior Painting

  • Home Staging

There was a time when the above-listed services were frowned-up and only accessible for the wealthy.

Professional organizing was given the spotlight when Marie Kondo came on the scene with “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. She hit us with her organizing guru teachings at the same time as the pandemic hit us. Suddenly, we all had oodles of free time to “Marie Kondo” every space in our homes. Those of us who jumped on the Marie Kondo train, felt all the feels that organization emotes. We now know the effects that organizing has. We know we deserve organized spaces and the accompanying feelings of relaxation and lowered anxiety.

Around the same time, The Home Edit on Netflix also became popular, showing us how the rich and famous organize their lavish spaces. The Home Edit, while super motivating and inspiring, puts a heavily aesthetic twist on organizing, with grand celebrity homes and picturesque results. The Home Edit is to organizing as the Kardashian family is to normal families: a little bit of reality and a lot of fantasy.

The reality of mainstream organizing is just that – a reality. Real people benefit from organizing. Real people are organizers. Real people don’t have time to keep everything neat, tidy, and in order! And, real people don’t colour-code their entire homes.

Investing in a professional organizer should not be embarrassing; an unorganized house is not synonymous with a dirty person or a slob.

5 Misconceptions about Professional Organizing Services:

1. If you need a professional organizer, you must be a hoarder.

Not even a little bit true. You don’t even need to be a “messy” person to hire a professional organizer. Wanting some help to get your life in order is a completely acceptable desire. We also offer moving services, room set-up, room re-vamping, and de-cluttering services.

2. Professional organizers must be uber-organized.

Yes, we love all things organization, but, this is our job. Our homes are not as clean or as organized as we’d like. We have overflowing laundry baskets and dishes in the sink, and we also get overwhelmed by clutter. We aren’t perfect and neither is anyone else (no matter how their house presents when you arrive).

3. Professional organizing is a luxury.

If luxury means expensive, professional organizing services are affordable for various budgets. If luxury means that you’ll feel pampered and taken care of, consider professional organizing a luxury!

4. Professional organizers are minimalists.

Not necessarily. We want you to keep everything that you want to keep. But we also want you to make space for things that matter most to you, like function, clarity, and joy. We view organizing as collaborative; we all work together toward your organizing goals.

5. It’s embarrassing having someone organize your space.

It might be, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re hoping this can change. We are a judgment-free zone. By nature, we are not judgmental people, but that isn’t why we won’t’ judge you. We won’t judge you because judgment doesn’t have a place in professional organizing. You see, the state of someone’s house when you enter it is not what it’s natural, every day state is. It’s a mask. The reality is that everyone has a junk drawer, everyone has cluttered spaces, and everyone has a toss-it-and-close-the-door room.


How are we going to reach our goal of NORMALIZING PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING?

1. This blog!

2. Continued social media exposure.

3. Involving you, and asking that you also help to normalize asking for help!

4. Showing the faces of every-day clients (with their permission, of course).

So, when you need some organization in your life, hire an organizer! Your perception of what you should and should not need help with is the inventor of guilt. If you want something and that something will help you, make you feel good, and contribute to your general wellbeing, then do you and do it! Help us end the stigma!

Organizing is a de-stresssor, a space maker, and an anxiety killer. You don’t need an organizer because you’re a hot mess – you need an organizer because you deserve a break. Your environment is yours, but it’s not necessarily always a reflection of you.

We just ask that you resolve to let go of guilt, be gentle with yourself, ask for help when you need it, and help to normalize realness.

You are not only NOT alone, YOU ARE the majority. Let’s repeat that for the people in the back: YOU ARE THE MAJORITY!

We are here to support you, make your life lighter, and set you up for continued organizational success.

In Order Co. is always here to lend a supportive hand!