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  • Lisa Myles

Experience Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Do you find yourself frustrated with piles of the latest in trending toys all over your home after the holidays? Feeling like your kids already had so much and now wondering where all of the new toys will go? Well if you answered yes, you are not alone. Many parents experience this year after year. But how do you go from giving your kids way too many presents to just a handful without worry that you’re ruining Christmas? I know, first world problems right?

Have you ever considered an experience gift? An experience gift allows the recipient to have an experience, such as an event or an activity, rather than a material gift. A lot of people enjoy shopping and initially may not like the idea of giving an experience gift so some time to prep and process that change may be needed.

Another idea if you struggle with not buying a tangible item is to consider a companion gift. This is something small the child can open along with an experience. For example, a pair of goggles to compliment a pass to an indoor waterpark or a hockey stick to go with hockey game tickets. This way the giver still gets to wrap and give a present and it helps ease the worry of, “but is it enough?”

Here are just a few ideas of experience gifts:

1. A date with you- dinner & a movie.

2. Annual membership to a museum, zoo, science centre.

3. Passes to an amusement park, trampoline park, rock climbing, bowling.

4. Cooking lessons with you.

5. Tickets to the theatre or a sporting event.

6. Coupon book with different activities to do with you- play a board game, build a fort, play in the snow, etc.

7. A trip together.

8. King or Queen for the day- they get to choose how to spend an entire day with you.

9. RESP Contribution. A compliment gift of a book or a craft might pair well with this one.

10. Registration for a sport or activity they love.

In a lot of family homes there are countless toys, crafts, and books. Possibly the idea of an experience gift might be a good fit this year. If you decide to go this route- have fun, get creative, and enjoy the memories your experience creates!

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