• Lisa Myles

5 Tips For Organizing Your Home This Fall

Fall is just around the corner and soon the cooler months will be upon us. With crisp temperatures comes a changeover in several household items. What a great time to declutter & organize!

Whatever the area you’re working on, the same basic organizing principles apply:

1. Plan the appropriate amount of time to complete the task. Think of what you can realistically get done in the time you have. If it seems too overwhelming or too large to complete all at once, break it up into smaller jobs.

2. Edit as you pack away summer items. This is a perfect time to declutter. Look at any items that were unused and consider donating or selling them.

3. Always clean and fully dry all items that are going into storage. A bit of moisture can ruin that item and others around it.

4. Store like items together so that you can easily find them and keep a visual stock of what you have.

5. Consider the location of storage. If you are using a basement, attic, or garage make sure the items are protected from moisture, dust and unwanted pests. When possible, we recommend storing items in clear plastic bins that are labelled. This will protect the items and still let you see what is in them.

6. Unpack fall items in an organized way- group like items together, edit unwanted/unused items, organize items so they make sense to you, are easy to find, and easy to access.

5 ideas & tips for Fall organizing:

Clothes. Arrange your clothing so that fall items are a priority and easily accessible. Your summer items can be tucked away in bins or simply stored within your closet.

Outerwear. Time for boots to replace sandals, knit hats to replace sunhats, and gloves, scarves and coats to be dusted off. Grouping by person or item makes it easy to stay organized.

Home décor. The coziness of fall often has people excited to bring out blankets, fleece sheets, down throw pillows, and other autumn décor. Working on one room at a time will keep your home uncluttered while you’re organizing.

Outdoor furniture and décor. Switching up a wreath, potting plants, patio furniture, and other décor should be fun. Look ahead in the forecast and pick a nice day, it can make the world of difference!

Sports & activity gear. Try everything on well beforehand. Organize bags and gear by person and find a location that works well to dry and store. Label everything.

We hope these tips have been a helpful way to put your home In Order this Fall!