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After a lifetime of accumulating, the task of downsizing and moving can feel daunting. This stage should be an exciting time, filled with anticipation of what is to come with your new found freedom. It should not be a time spent feeling worried and overwhelmed.

At In Order Co. we love helping seniors downsize and move. We will treat you with the respect, compassion, and kindness that you deserve.  Our experienced team of home organizers and move managers can help you create a plan and simplify the moving process by breaking it up into stages.



Your Realtor or Stager has given you a list of tasks to complete before listing your home.


Let us do the work and help maximize the profit on your sale by making sure that list is completed.


You have decided to downsize and now you have to decide what to do with all of your things. This can be extremely overwhelming.


In Order Co. has developed a process to ensure your possessions are handled with consideration, not just dumped at a donation centre or landfill. We will go through several options to provide you with the best solutions. We handle everything, including the removal of items so you don’t have to.


Your house has sold and now it’s time to pack. Save time and stress by having us quickly, carefully, and efficiently pack your home. 


Working with In Order Co.  allows you to maintain your independence, without putting stress on your health or your relationships.  We are also happy to find and coordinate with movers to ensure a smooth transition.


Finally you’re in your new home! Why be frustrated living in boxes for several weeks or months?


Let us get you settled in your new home in a day or two! We will do everything from making your bed to putting your food in the fridge. We pride ourselves in making your first night in your new home a great one.

At In Order Co. we can provide you with the full service.  We can support you with a single stage or help you with the complete process. We will ease the physical and mental effort it takes to downsize and move. We have an experienced, energetic, lovely team that puts our client’s needs first.


4 Hours, 2 Organizers - $600

6 Hours, 2 Organizers - $900

Payments can be made by credit card.

Note:  Larger teams can be assembled for rapid turnaround times.

To book a free in-home consultation or to learn more about our downsizing  services, connect with us. 

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